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Why do you need Mass email Marketing Tool?

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Email Marketing is a multi-faceted tool for the hotel and service industry. Right from running a successful promotional campaign to communication with guests, email marketing can do it all, if harnessed to its complete potential. Based on the requirement, a specific email can be sent to targeted group of guests or even just a selective group of guests. Email marketing as the name suggests can be used to market your hotel.

Jupiter’s Email Marketing Tool

Jupiter’s software has a built-in, smart email marketing tool. The software stores the entire guest data in a very systematic manner. Jupiter can help you in your email campaign by capturing the guest data effectively from the data base, sorting it and listing according to the preset metrics. You can send a variety of promotional as well as in-house emails as required.

Types of emails:

Promotional Emails:

You can send out promotional emails, that are designed to suit the occasion. Promotional emails must successfully garner the attention of the recipient, so that they respond effectively. A successful promotional email campaign can certainly increase the revenue of your hotel.

Communication emails:

Using the email feature as a form of communication is also possible. You can use it to send a booking confirmation email or even to update the booking status of the guests’ stay. Once the guests check into the property, you can use the emails to enhance the experience of their stay.

In-house emails:

You can use it to update and let them know about the different activities happening around the
property. You can also use these to highlight the key facilities and encourage the guests to enjoy the same. You can also send in updates about a change in menu or perhaps a chef’s special for a particular day.


All you have to do is press send! A monitoring of email campaign based on certain metrics can lead you in the direction of a better ROI.

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