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Why do you need Intelligent Dynamic Reporting?

innovative Hotel Management System

Reporting can help you gain insights into the different areas of your hotel. You can keep a track, observe trends, draw conclusions and make changes that will streamline the process at your property. It is crucial to have a better reporting system so that you can check all the essentials at all times.

Jupiter’s Intelligent Dynamic Reporting

An intuitive reporting system can change the way you manage your hotel. Jupiter has an
intelligent, dynamic reporting widget integrated in its system. This is adept in drawing up
different types of reports at a click of a button.
You can opt for different kinds of report mentioned below.

Production Report:

A production report will give you details about the operating per rate plan, distribution channel, RevPar, ADR, and occupancy calculations. These reports will help you Develop an effective strategy on distribution and pricing.

Financial Reports:

A financial report will give you a detailed analysis of the revenue. It will help you understand the resources and the expenditure areas. You can streamline your expenses and increase your revenue resources with these reports. You can also keep an eye on the commission towards OTA and work around to reduce it. Your tax calculation will be a breeze with these nifty reports!

Daily Activity Reports:

A daily activity report is just that, it is about the activities that happen on the day to day basis.These reports are meant to include all these activities in a systematic order so that the manager and the staff are on the same page. This report aims to eliminate all the confusion around arrival-departure of guests and in house activities.


These reports will help you develop a plan of action once you decide to take your hotel to the
next level. You can keep tabs on OTAs, not overpay them and even know which one works for
you best! Jupiter gives you the freedom to generate in-browser, email reports or even download
them as spreadsheets or PDFs. Filter your reports with different parameters to get further

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