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Why do you need a wide range of Payment Gateways/ Need of different Payment Gateways

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One of the common issues guests can face is during the payment process. Since there is a variety of payment platforms available today, guests can select their preferred payment gateway and complete the booking. In case your software doesn’t have a selection of most popular gateways, the guests may find it disconcerting and cancel the direct booking. You may lose a great chunk of direct revenue and end up paying for the commission if the guests make a booking through an OTA.

Jupiter’s wide range of Payment Gateways:

Jupiter has been in the hospitality sector for quite a long time. We have developed the software after a lot of thought and experience. It is essential to have a collection of payment gateways to avoid such situations and lose a percentage of revenues to the OTAs. Encourage direct bookings with the state of
art, simple and easy payment process with Jupiter!

Jupiter’s wide range of Payment Gateways:

  • The integrated payment gateway in Jupiter’s software makes the work easy. The software has most of the payment gateways including, NMI, Paypal etc.

  • In case you wish to add a different payment gateway to your website, all you have to do is contact the team and they will integrate the same right away, without any additional cost!

  • Jupiter has an enhanced payment system that is easy to use and completely safe. Its most important feature is that is it completely fraud free.

  • This eliminates all the factors that can potentially avoid direct Hotel bookings. The authorization, validation and confirmation of all transactions remain fraud free and totally safe.

Make hassle free booking a reality with Jupiter!

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