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Best Restaurant POS Software

A Restaurant POS can minimize your manual efforts, keep a confusion-free work atmosphere
and infuse efficiency in your work system. This can save you time and let you focus on the
important aspects, like customer service.

Restaurant POS, the Jupiter Way/Highlights of the Feature:

Jupiter provides a 360-degree control with its cloud-based Restaurant POS with the help of the
following features:

Efficient and quick billing:

Forget the befuddling mess billing can be! Expect quick and efficient billing complete with all the
taxes and charges levied that leads to smooth receipt generation.

Table management (reservations):

Manage your tables, their respective servers to ensure, prompt service to your guests. Jupiter’s
POS will also offer table reservation, which will help you seat your guests with complete ease.

Order management:

You can expect complete order management from Jupiter. You can get details of dine –in, take
away, the details of the appetizers, main course and the desserts, right down o if they have
been served or if they are pending.

Secure as open to few users:

Jupiter is very safe as it can be accessed by a few users. This will safeguard all your important
data from being infiltrated by any unauthorized member of staff.

Availability of software at all hotels

Jupiter will be offered as a license. You can use the same on all outlets of your restaurant. This
will achieve integration of data and its management from a single login.

Jupiter’s Edge over the Competition (this is a big claim to make as a title)/Why Jupiter over
other Software (this sounds a tad better, in my opinion.

(In case you don’t feel the need to split these points, they have been numbered so)

Manager’s Console Provides Real-Time Information

The importance of real-time information cannot be stressed enough. The update on of
information and reduced response time due to the same can keep your service moving at a
steady rate.

Easy to Set up & configure your menu

Configure your seasonal or weekend brunch easily within a few steps on Jupiter. You can
promote and administer these with accuracy.

Banquet Events

Jupiter lets you manage any big or small banquet event with complete ease. Get the details
about the location, the date, the menu and the event’s timing with a few clicks.

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