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RateQuest is a dedicated platform specially designed to maximize your reach and empower your online branding. This intuitive software manages the rate parity across all available channels and notifies you when you are out of parity.

RateQuest Highlights

  • A sophisticated, user-friendly, Interactive Dashboard with real time intelligence data

  • Detailed Reporting including hotel performance and growth analysis, strategy forecast, performance evaluation and history reports

  • Out of Parity Notifications for prompt action, time saving, OTA partnership evaluation and relationship strengthening

  • Real time Alerts, Event Pricing Strategies, Inventory Planning

  • Reviewing OTA Ranking and Score, Comparison with competitors reviews

  • Real Time Reports in multiple formats, support to XML, CSV, PDF, JSON formats with email scheduling feature

  • Highly secured Feed System for easy and quick third party integration


Interactive Dashboard
  • A Sophisticated Dashboard with real time intelligence data.

  • Easy to use information that hotels need on daily basis for revenue management decision.

  • Past, current and future performance.

  • Day by day demand and revenue insight for any property.

Detailed Reporting
  • Tracking and analysing the hotel performance and growth.

  • Forecasting the future strategies.

  • Evaluate the performance and work upon the loop holes.

  • History Reports to understand past and current data in setting right price to sell the right room to the right customer.

Out Of Parity Notifications
  • Maintaining consistent rates for the same product in all online distribution channels is must. Automatic out of parity notification system allows you to take the required action promptly.

  • Minimize the time required in continuous monitoring your rate cards.

Know Events Happening Around Your City
  • Real-time alerts of the events happening in your city.

  • Formulate the best strategy to capitalize on the opportunities.

  • Event pricing strategies boosts your revenues.

  • Plan your inventory and pricing and create different slabs based on city events.

Determine OTA Rank & Review Your Score
  • Know your hotel’s rank across the OTA channels.

  • Prevail yourself by reviewing your score.

  • OTA Ranking and Reviews maximises RevPAR.

  • Compare OTA Ranking & Reviews of your competitors and identify price increase opportunities.

Output In Various Formats
  • Effortless real-time report.

  • Extract reports in multiple formats as per your convenience.

  • Supports XML, CSV, PDF, JSON formats along with email scheduling feature.

  • Comes with highly secured feed system which makes third party integration easier and quicker.

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