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Cloud-based SaaS – A Future of IT

The functionality of a cloud-based Software as a Service cannot be ignored. A cloud-based software can be a real asset in the hospitality

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Why do you need Mass email Marketing Tool?

Email Marketing is a multi-faceted tool for the hotel and service industry. Right from running a successful promotional campaign to

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Why do you need Intelligent Dynamic Reporting?

Reporting can help you gain insights into the different areas of your hotel. You can keep a track, observe trends, draw conclusions and

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Why do you need a wide range of Payment Gateways/ Need of different Payment Gateways

One of the common issues guests can face is during the payment process. Since there is a variety of payment platforms available

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Why do you need a Integrated Booking engine?

The hospitality sector is the most competitive service sector. In fact, every individual and big retail chain hotels will adopt fresher means to