Why do you need Mass email Marketing Tool?

Email Marketing is a multi-faceted tool for the hotel and service industry. Right from running a successful promotional campaign to communication with guests, email marketing can do it all, if harnessed to its complete potential. Based on the requirement, a specific email can be sent to targeted group of guests or even just a selective group of guests. Email marketing as the name suggests can be used to market your hotel.

Jupiter’s Email Marketing Tool

Jupiter’s software has a built-in, smart email marketing tool. The software stores the entire guest data in a very systematic manner. Jupiter can help you in your email campaign by capturing the guest data effectively from the data base, sorting it and listing according to the preset metrics. You can send a variety of promotional as well as in-house emails as required.

Types of emails:

Promotional Emails : You can send out promotional emails, that are designed to suit the occasion. Promotional emails must successfully garner the attention of the recipient, so that they respond effectively. A successful promotional email campaign can certainly increase the revenue of your hotel. Communication emails : Using the email feature as a form of communication is also possible. You can use it to send a booking confirmation email or even to update the booking status of the guests’ stay. Once the guests check into the property, you can use the emails to enhance the experience of their stay. In-house emails : You can use it to update and let them know about the different activities happening around the property. You can also use these to highlight the key facilities and encourage the guests to enjoy the same. You can also send in updates about a change in menu or perhaps a chef’s special for a particular day. Benefit : All you have to do is press send! A monitoring of email campaign based on certain metrics can lead you in the direction of a better ROI. Get Jupiter today for a personalized email marketing feature!

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Why do you need Intelligent Dynamic Reporting?

Reporting can help you gain insights into the different areas of your hotel. You can keep a track, observe trends, draw conclusions and make changes that will streamline the process at your property. It is crucial to have a better reporting system so that you can check all the essentials at all times.

Jupiter’s Intelligent Dynamic Reporting

An intuitive reporting system can change the way you manage your hotel. Jupiter has an intelligent, dynamic reporting widget integrated in its system. This is adept in drawing up different types of reports at a click of a button. You can opt for different kinds of report mentioned below.
  • Production Report : A production report will give you details about the operating per rate plan, distribution channel, RevPar, ADR, and occupancy calculations. These reports will help you Develop an effective strategy on distribution and pricing.
  • Financial Reports : A financial report will give you a detailed analysis of the revenue. It will help you understand the resources and the expenditure areas. You can streamline your expenses and increase your revenue resources with these reports. You can also keep an eye on the commission towards OTA and work around to reduce it. Your tax calculation will be a breeze with these nifty reports!
  • Daily Activity Reports : A daily activity report is just that, it is about the activities that happen on the day to day basis.These reports are meant to include all these activities in a systematic order so that the manager and the staff are on the same page. This report aims to eliminate all the confusion around arrival-departure of guests and in house activities.
  • Benefits : These reports will help you develop a plan of action once you decide to take your hotel to the next level. You can keep tabs on OTAs, not overpay them and even know which one works for you best! Jupiter gives you the freedom to generate in-browser, email reports or even download them as spreadsheets or PDFs. Filter your reports with different parameters to get further clarity.

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Why do you need a wide range of Payment Gateways/ Need of different Payment Gateways:

One of the common issues guests can face is during the payment process. Since there is a variety of payment platforms available today, guests can select their preferred payment gateway and complete the booking. In case your software doesn’t have a selection of most popular gateways, the guests may find it disconcerting and cancel the direct booking. You may lose a great chunk of direct revenue and end up paying for the commission if the guests make a booking through an OTA. Jupiter’s wide range of Payment Gateways : Jupiter has been in the hospitality sector for quite a long time. We have developed the software after a lot of thought and experience. It is essential to have a collection of payment gateways to avoid such situations and lose a percentage of revenues to the OTAs. Encourage direct bookings with the state of art, simple and easy payment process with Jupiter! Benefits :

  • The integrated payment gateway in Jupiter’s software makes the work easy. The software has most of the payment gateways including Authorize.net, NMI, Paypal etc.
  • In case you wish to add a different payment gateway to your website, all you have to do is contact the team and they will integrate the same right away, without any additional cost!
  • Jupiter has an enhanced payment system that is easy to use and completely safe. Its most important feature is that is it completely fraud free.
  • This eliminates all the factors that can potentially avoid direct Hotel bookings. The authorization, validation and confirmation of all transactions remain fraud free and totally safe.
Make hassle free booking a reality with Jupiter!  

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Why do you need a Integrated Booking engine?

The hospitality sector is the most competitive service sector. In fact, every individual and big retail chain hotels will adopt fresher means to get more bookings on their websites. It is important to get direct bookings. If users don’t find the booking engine on your website easily, they migrate to an Online Travel Agency. Your hotel will still get a booking but you might lose a significant amount of it to the OTA(Online Travel Agency) under a commission.

Jupiter’s Integrated Booking Engine:

Jupiter is all about saving your money and your time. We have designed a sophisticated booking engine that gets the job done without any hassle. Easy to use, complete with details of the premises and quick, the Jupiter’s integrated booking engine is a delight to use. Guests can complete their payment and confirm their bookings within a few minutes. The amazing speed with which booking is finished puts a great first impression on your guests. Jupiter completely saves the back and forth emails for enquiry and further confirmation status.

Benefits :

- This avoids the dependence on OTAs and a substantial amount of revenue that could be lost to OTA’s commission. - Also, Jupiter has integrated recognized payment gateways in its software like Authorize.net, NMI, paypal etc. Other payment gateways that are recognized can also be added, absolutely free of cost. The payments made are validated, safe, fraud free and instant. -The best part is that Jupiter’s integrated booking engine is mobile friendly. Guest can make a booking whilst managing their day to day tasks! It doesn’t get any better than this! Increase your direct bookings with Jupiter and increase your ROI!

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Restaurant POS – Go Digital Go Smart

-A Restaurant POS can minimize your manual efforts, keep a confusion-free work atmosphere and infuse efficiency in your work system. This can save you time and let you focus on the important aspects, like customer service.

Restaurant POS, the Jupiter Way/Highlights of the Feature:

Jupiter provides a 360-degree control with its cloud-based Restaurant POS with the help of the following features: 1. Efficient and quick billing: Forget the befuddling mess billing can be! Expect quick and efficient billing complete with all the taxes and charges levied that leads to smooth receipt generation. 2. Table management (reservations): Manage your tables, their respective servers to ensure, prompt service to your guests. Jupiter’s POS will also offer table reservation, which will help you seat your guests with complete ease. 3. Order management: You can expect complete order management from Jupiter. You can get details of dine –in, take away, the details of the appetizers, main course and the desserts, right down o if they have been served or if they are pending. 4. Secure as open to few users: Jupiter is very safe as it can be accessed by a few users. This will safeguard all your important data from being infiltrated by any unauthorized member of staff. 5. Availability of software at all hotels Jupiter will be offered as a license. You can use the same on all outlets of your restaurant. This will achieve integration of data and its management from a single login. Jupiter’s Edge over the Competition (this is a big claim to make as a title)/Why Jupiter over other Software (this sounds a tad better, in my opinion. (In case you don’t feel the need to split these points, they have been numbered so) 6. Manager’s Console Provides Real-Time Information The importance of real-time information cannot be stressed enough. The update on of information and reduced response time due to the same can keep your service moving at a steady rate. 8. Easy to Set up & configure your menu Configure your seasonal or weekend brunch easily within a few steps on Jupiter. You can promote and administer these with accuracy. 9. Banquet Events Jupiter lets you manage any big or small banquet event with complete ease. Get the details about the location, the date, the menu and the event’s timing with a few clicks.

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Cloud-based SaaS – A Future of IT

The functionality of a cloud-based Software as a Service cannot be ignored. A cloud-based software can be a real asset in the hospitality sector. Since all your data is stored securely on the internet, you can manage the tasks on the go!

Features of Cloud Based System :

    • Cross-Device Compatibility :Jupiter is a Cloud-based SaaS, thus it can be accessed on any device that has an active internet connection. This includes Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. This is the major benefit as you can manage your work on the go with any device available at your disposal.
    • User-Specific access to Data:Data can be the foundation of your business, it should be protected and relevant data must be shared to a specific part of your staff only. Jupiter provides Role Based Access Control(RBAC), which allows you to set access and restriction to data according to the user. This leads to an instant security of data, internally as well as externally.
    • Seamless Updates:Updating your software is often a tedious but necessary process. Jupiter will get all its update on the cloud. Thus, your SaaS provider has to manage your updates. You never have to invest your time to search for a software patch and install it. You can always remain assured that your software is up to date. Jupiter’s Edge over the Competition (this is a big claim to make as a title)/Why Jupiter over other Software (this sounds a tad better, in my opinion.
    • Zero Infrastructure:Jupiter is a powerful and simple software. You can get started with your work and manage it all by yourself. You do not have to purchase any additional hardware or a licensed software for Jupiter to run smoothly. You also save capital as there is no requirement to hire an IT professional to manage Jupiter.
    • Cost Efficient:
Jupiter requires an active internet enabled device to function. A simple thin client or even a laptop is sufficient. Expensive hardware is an expense you don’t need to make when you purchase Jupiter!
  • Back-up in case of Emergency: Back-ups are a must, you never know when an emergency may strike. We comprehend the importance of your data, hence our system takes an automatic back up every 24 hours. A more frequent, automatic back-up can be arranged at an additional cost.

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